Leap of Faith

I’ve written before about how difficult it has been for me to “come out” as a psychic-medium. I struggled immensely with the conflicting emotions of receiving messages and having no doubt of their validity, yet being unable to speak out to my community about it. I mean, for years I wouldn’t admit, sometimes even to myself, what I was dealing with. Some of my family knew, some of my friends knew, but for the most part I kept this entire aspect of myself a secret. If you knew about my psychic life back then you were a close friend indeed.

For many years I have been channeling messages which are meant to be shared. I have been unable, or unwilling to share these messages. I have, for a while now, been investigating why I have been in this pattern.

I have learned so much about myself over the past couple of years of intense learning. I have dived deep into me and my beliefs. I have done a lot of healing and a lot of spiritual exploration. I have come to accept myself for who I am, complete with all of my weaknesses and human frailties. I have come to accept my abilities, my spiritual/energetic self as a huge part of the whole of me. As they say – I am what I am.

I am a work in process, a work in progress as well. I am now, today, in a place where I can reconcile my deep seated and sincere beliefs, with my life – and the reality of who I am as a Wife, a Mom, a Sister, and a friend. Whereas, before, different people knew vastly different versions of me, I am now comfortable being my unshielded self with all of the people in my life. I am, finally, living my truth.

This is not to say that this has been easy, oh no it hasn’t. I still have moments of uneasiness. However, on the whole, I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. I have taken several steps in the past year or so to expand my reach and deliver the messages I receive. Starting this blog was a huge step for me, putting myself out there to encourage others and step out of my comfort zone.

I have had many ideas lately, new ways to SHINE my light out into the world. I would love some feedback. If you have any suggestions for subjects to address in this blog, please let me know. If you have any suggestions for workshops, healings or FB lives, reach out!

I leave you with a message I channeled some time ago, that I meditate on when I am not feeling confident:

We see the struggles you create for yourself in seeking to do the work set forth for you. We have paved the way and shown you your path. Do not be afraid to walk that path. It is a leap of faith, yes, but you are supported all along the way !

So, do not be afraid to be your true self. To take that leap of faith and live in your truth. We are all individuals yet we are all connected by the divine light within us. Get out there and SHINE !

Cover photo credit: K. Varghela on pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. Nice post!


  2. Exceptional story Sandi, out of all my girl cousins, I remember you were the mysterious one! I hope to see Kathi and you were services in August.


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