Lately, I have had a lot of people tell me of psychic experiences they have had. Some speak of dreams that seem too real, or premonitions. Many times I will deliver a message and the person will say “Oh I thought that”. I have noticed more and more of the people who seek me out are ready to acknowledge that they may have psychic ability. Perhaps they do – I mean I believe we all do.

I have wondered whether this increase in people coming forward is due to broader acceptance of psychic people, or maybe its because there is more information available in general to all people. Maybe its the internet? Who knows. As I have said so many times before, we are all individuals and have our own talents and abilities and that often includes psychic abilities. I absolutely believe that more people are awakening to their gifts at this time. Why?

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In recent channeling, I have received many messages about the great need for healing in the world right now, so it stands to reason that more healers would come forward. With the greater acceptance of psychic and healing abilities, more people would be willing to share their curiosity. Everything is energy, and energy is everything, each of us has our own energy signature – our inner light. I speak often about how we are all connected by this light. I see more people seeking to understand their unique light, and learn about their abilities. I am thrilled to see this, feel honored to share what I know.

So if you feel as though you may have psychic or healing gifts or abilities what should you do? First of all, understand that it is not weird or unusual to feel this way. I would suggest learning all that you can about yourself and your spirituality. Find a local shop or healing center where you can meet like-minded people. There are a multitude of community classes at the local level. There are also a variety of books on many topics which may be of interest to you. As I said, learn all you can. Ask for guidance if you are not sure where to begin. Guidance from bookstore clerks and psychic shop employees certainly, but also guidance from your Guides and Angels. Notice the signs if you are unsure and follow accordingly. For instance, if you aren’t sure which book to buy ask as you stand in front of the rack and notice what draws your attention. In general you will get a feeling for what you should buy or what direction you should go in your search for knowledge. You will come to trust your “intuition” in making choices and finding information.

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Most of all, trust yourself. Trust your instincts. You will usually know what “feels” right for you – act accordingly. It is very helpful to have a mentor or teacher to ask questions. As I said before, many local shops offer classes and introductory workshops. These are great because an experienced person is holding a safe, sacred space for you to grow and learn. Again, trust your instincts as to whether the person is a good fit for you.

I am working on a workshop that I will introduce shortly. Watch on my website and Facebook page Sandi Tobin Psychic Medium for the announcement. In the meantime if you feel you may be psychic or a healer look around and look within and learn everything you can. As always, know we are all connected and SHINE that light !

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