My reading with Sandi was beyond amazing!  She immediately connected with my Dad and knew details only he would know.  She was kind.  After this I am no longer skeptical about her.  I will be a repeat client.      L.S. –  CA, USA

There are many readers you can choose from, however, Sandi is where you will get everything you need.  She is extremely gifted! She does not want you to provide any details before the reading.  She will have information for you that was given by your guides before the reading even takes place.  The things she tells you will surprise you because it is so dead on.  I have known Sandi for years.  She became my reader and then my friend.  Your guides speak through her, and if you are looking for a “soul purpose” reading, that is what you will get.  This is all about your soul’s purpose.  You will get a chance to meet and get to know your guides.  Her readings are for your soul journey here on Earth, the things you need to concentrate on to grow and most importantly, to make sure you stay on the path of your soul’s contract.  A reading with Sandi provides you with what you NEED not necessarily what you WANT.  There are times I ask something and if my guides don’t think it’s for the betterment of my soul I may not like the answer, however, I am never disappointed.  When I hang up the phone, I feel I have everything I need to continue my purpose here.  Sandi, as gifted as she is, is reasonably priced.  She doesn’t charge hundreds of dollars for a reading and I feel you get much more out of her readings than you pay for.  She is here to share her gift, not rake people over the coals.  I cannot recommend her enough?  I feel my life is in a better place because I was blessed to cross paths with Sandi!      C.S. – Virginia, USA



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