My Story



I have been psychic my entire life.  Like many lightworkers, I did not understand my gifts and abilities during my childhood.  After struggling with not understanding what was happening to me, or why I perceived things differently from other people, I began to explore and develop my abilities as an adult.


I came to understand that we are all part of a greater consciousness, truly connected. While connected, each of us has our own journey, our own soul purpose here.  In awakening to my abilities, I opened to dimensions beyond the physical.  I realized that our essence continues to exist when our bodies die and those who have gone before us do want to communicate with us.  I explored and trained extensively and learned to receive and deliver their messages.


I have been working with clients for many years now.  Some clients wish to hear from their loved ones in spirit, some are looking for answers and guidance in their everyday lives, some seek the clarity and balance that an energy healing session provides.  I love what I do and I understand that I am living my true purpose.  I approach each session with compassion and integrity.   In working with many people here and on the other side, I continue to grow as an energy worker.  It is, indeed a journey – my journey.


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