Hello Again

I believe that in times of discouragement or confusion, the Universe creates the ability to transcend the circumstances which we find ourselves in.  I have not written here for some time as I just could not get it together to sit down and put into words all that was going on around me.  It has been a very busy few months.  There have been many family events, self-realizations and life in general.  I have been processing and growing.  I have been guided to share my journey with you – Hello again.

It certainly does seem like the years pass more quickly these days than they did in my youth.  The beginning of summer is here again.  Long sunny days, just waiting to be filled with family and fun.  I am sitting here, in the quiet of the morning, listening to the birds outside and thinking about this long winter just passed.  I have realized, that this winter,  I felt like I was accomplishing little in the way of moving forward individually, and was getting discouraged.  In actuality, I have accomplished much.  I feel like I have come through a cycle of personal growth which I could not have pulled off while trying to keep all of the plates in the air.

For some reason, which I don’t totally understand, I have felt like an observer in my own life.  This year has held huge milestones for all of my children, I have deeply enjoyed their accomplishments.  I have a much deeper appreciation for the connections I have with my family, friends and greater community.  I feel as though the lesson for me lies in a greater understanding of the connection I share with all of the people in my life – thus, the connection we all share.

The theory that all of us are connected on a deep level is one I have known to be true for some time.  Now, I can see that this connection is forged and strengthened by our personal connections to each other.  Each of us with our own unique energy adds to this connectedness.  The more an individual becomes aware of their own light in this world, the stronger that light grows.

I have channeled a message which I share here.  I hope in the coming days to explore this further, through meditation and action.

Channeled message from my healing guides:   Today – today is a day to begin opening your heart to the changes happening all around you.  Sit back, watch and absorb the cycle of living before you.  You are part of this great thing.  You are a light among many – and a part of the whole.  As you come to understand your own energy, your own light, the connection will complete.  You are working for the greater good each time you improve yourself.  You are loved and needed now.  Love is the power of everything, light is the result.  

I believe there are many who are awakening to the energies around them and becoming aware of their own inner abilities.  To those who may be questioning their path I say explore, learn and believe that all things are possible.  Know that all you need you carry within you.

Today seems like a great day to Shine your light!  

2 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Thank you for sharing Sandi 💞🙏🏻 Miss you


  2. Hi Sandi,
    Such an inspirational read, I really enjoyed it!! I definitely need to work on myself and bringing my light out to the world a little stronger!! Thank you and I look forward to more writings from you. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to write a book one day. Maybe it’s time for me to do some serious thinking and writing!!


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