Right Here . . . Right Now

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”   Maya Angelou

Here in my corner of New England, we had our first winter storm yesterday. There was snow, and sleet and howling wind.  Now everything is encased in ice, and no – this is not one of those beautiful, scenic snowstorms that coat the world in diamond dust.  This is messy and inconvenient. The kind of day that makes driving a nightmare and makes me wonder why I live in this climate.  Yuck!

That being said, I am grateful to be safe and warm indoors, observing the winter wonderland from my kitchen table.  At some point today, I will snuggle up on my couch to enjoy a hot cup of fragrant tea.  But first, I have a whole list of things to get done.  I find myself going over my mental list of obligations, and becoming a little stressed about getting things done.

One of my things to do today is a visit and energy healing session for my sister who just underwent surgery.  I really like to be relaxed and prepared to do healing sessions.  I want to facilitate the highest and best for those receiving the healing energy.   I just cannot seem to get myself on track today.

Some time ago, I took a “Mindfulness” class.  This was several sessions, in a small group with an experienced instructor.   I learned so much.  The whole concept of mindfulness and being totally in the moment, was pretty abstract to me going in.  One of the big takeaways, which I still practice, is meditation.  Over time, I have come to appreciate the concept.  Although I initially had difficulty practicing meditation, I continue to do so, and find great value in it . . . still the mind and just be.

And so I sit and meditate.  Breathe in – Breathe out.  When the chime gently brings me back to myself, time has continued on, and my list awaits me still.  I, however, feel more ready to face my challenges.  I am right here, right now and this is exactly where I am supposed to be.  I will enjoy that cup of tea looking out at my frozen neighborhood.  Then, refreshed and grounded,  I will head out to my sister’s.

We all need these moments to relax and connect with ourselves.  I find meditation to be a lifesaver.  It enables me to touch in with the universe and refresh the light within.  Then, I am ready to go out and Shine !  





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  1. Love this


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