The Power of Prayer and Healing Energy

I’ve been thinking lately about my prayer practice. Yes, I do have a prayer list. I am not very formal about it. I believe that prayer is a conversation between me and God. Prayer can be very complicated – memorizing the words, setting the scene, going to the church, etc. or prayer can be very casual, spur of the moment, like a conversation with someone who is always listening. I do both.

I speak to God often. I express my gratitude for my blessings – the life I live and the people I am blessed to share it with. I pray to ask for assistance or healing for myself or others. I pray that my loved ones, both here and in spirit, are blessed, protected and continue to grow in their journeys. I ask for protection and guidance. In short, I pray a lot. As a child, I was taught to pray each day before bedtime, on my knees, with specific words. As an adult, I pray at all different times of day. Sometimes, I will pray on the go, while driving or as I feel inspired in the moment.

Oftentimes, I will send energy healing to people who I know need it, who have asked me to, or who have expressed that they are suffering or going through a difficult time. For me this is a form of prayer as I am channeling divine healing energy to the person. When I was a child, when we passed an accident or an emergency vehicle sped by, my grandmother would tell me to say a prayer for the people involved. I find myself doing this to this day – sometimes with a prayer in words and sometimes with energy healing.

In the past few months, several of my friends have lost loved ones. We are at that age when many of our parents are passing on. Some have lost other loved ones, or with the recent holiday season, are missing those who have been in spirit for a while. I have heard some friends question whether praying or energy healing helps those on the other side of life. I say yes, absolutely! I firmly believe that the soul benefits wherever they are on their journey.

Prayer and healing energy are not always for physical recovery, although they both benefit those who are enduring physical illness or injury. I pray often for people to know comfort at the end of physical life and to have a peaceful transition. I have channeled healing energy to several people who were leaving physical existence, and those who love them. I pray and send energy healing to people who are on the other side for peace and growth in their soul journey. Prayer and healing also help those who are suffering with psychological and other issues here in the physical.

As I have grown in my spiritual journey, my faith and prayer practices have developed, and as I have become more attuned and experienced with energy healing modalities, I have come to understand that prayer and healing energy are both valuable methods to help people. I have seen some great results. Although they are often viewed as totally separate entities, I feel that together they are extremely powerful. I have absolute faith that God wants the best for us and is there for us, and provides love and healing energy for those who need it. I have become comfortable with my beliefs and my faith.

I encourage everyone to develop a relationship with God, within your own belief system. I also encourage people tolearn about and attune to energy healing modalities. Please have faith that we can all be the conduit of great healing, through communication with the Divine. The light and love each person sends out in prayer and healing helps us all – we are after all connected. There is a quote I love that says “you can light many candles from one flame without diminishing the flame”. There are many versions of this quote but for me it is really about sharing the light. By shining our individual lights, sharing and connecting with others, we create a more powerful light for all of us.

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