I have noticed lately a tendency among people who seek to communicate with their loved ones who are now in spirit form. I counsel them to talk to their loved one as if they were right there. I notice more often than not that they tell me that when they do talk to them, that they “imagine” they respond, or they think its “amazing coincidence” that a beautiful cardinal lands nearby. I wonder why it is so difficult for us to accept the signs and messages sent to us from spirit.

I feel that we are conditioned from childhood to think that hearing an answer from spirit, or believing we have been given a sign, is “just our imagination”. This makes us doubt our own ability to receive messages and signs from spirit. I think that as we have developed as a species, we have gotten further and further from our natural abilities to read energy and communicate with spirit. I believe that we all have it within us to do so. The light that connects us all, continues after we leave the body. Who we are, the essence of each individual is our unique energy signature – our light. By placing boundaries and limits on our abilities, we keep ourselves from experiencing our whole truth, so to speak. We stop ourselves from fully shining our inner light out into the world.

I recently spoke with a teenaged girl who was looking to talk with her Mom in spirit. Her Mom kept telling her that she hears her speaking to her and asking questions. She talked about what this girl had been going through and gave examples of times when she has been right there with her daughter – getting ready for prom, dealing with dating issues, to name a couple. This young lady said to me that sometimes she feels like her Mom is right there, and sometimes even gets answers in her head! This is great right? But, she isn’t sure if it is really happening. Insert heavy sigh here. I explained to her that her Mom was reaching out consistently to her, showing her support and love. Yet she was doubting the messages she was very clearly receiving “in her head”.

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Another woman told me in a reading, that her sister told her she would send her signs, I kept seeing a dragonfly around her and told her so. The woman in front of me was shocked. She said that she couldn’t get away from the dragonflies, they were appearing everywhere. She had recently had a dragonfly land in her doctor’s office when she received great news. Although she felt like this sign was from her sister she doubted it. She told me that she had thought that her sister’s signs would be feathers or cardinals, not dragonflies. She just wasn’t open to receiving the signs from her sister, despite how insistent they became (who has a dragonfly land in the doctor’s office). She told her sister in spirit that she would be receptive to whatever signs she chose to send her and has continued to receive dragonflies at important times. She understands now that these are not just coincidences, and finds comfort knowing her sister still shares in her experiences.

There are so many stories of people who receive signs of their loved ones in spirit being nearby. It can be anything that brings them to mind. It can be a message “in your head” or the scent of their cologne. I know people who receive signs in butterflies, feathers, coins, and dragonflies, to name a few. It is very individual to the parties involved. So many people miss the signs and messages that could bring them comfort or clarity. My advice to all of you is to trust yourself and the light within you.

If you receive it . . . believe it.

We are ALL connected by the light with us, let your light SHINE !

cover photo credit: Frans VanHeerden on pexels.com

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