A World Says Hello

While stopped at a red light recently, I began to notice the aroma of roses in my car.  The hanging candle tag on my mirror has a scent that smells just like the suntan lotion my mom used to use on us as kids, so I knew this smell was not from anything in my car.  I looked around to see if there was a rosebush nearby.  There was not.  Hmmmmm, definitely got my attention.  The light changed and as the car in front of me began to move a dragonfly flew right up and hovered directly in front of my face outside my windshield.  I could see its little face, very cool.  I hoped it would fly away before I moved, I didn’t want to hit it!  I began to drive and the dragonfly kept apace with my car, fluttering around the driver’s side window and the windshield.  A couple of blocks up, I again stopped for a light and the dragonfly landed lightly right on the glass in front of me.  Then he flew away to the front yard of the house beside me, where I saw him last flying around a large rose-bush.  This rosebush was covered with huge, pink blooms.  It was beautiful!  I was surprised to see such blooms so late in the season.   Memories flooded into my mind of my childhood home, my family and my Mom.

animal biology blue blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Then I began to smell the unmistakable stink of cigarette smoke.  I didn’t see any smokers around or in the car in front of me.  The smell got really strong and I opened my window letting in fresh air.  This smell was definitely in my car.  “Ok” I said “Who is here”.  With that, the radio station began to play a song that I have long associated with my Mom, who passed into spirit many years ago.  It was one of her favorites, Good Morning Starshine – I still remember the lyrics  . . . the world says hello.  She smoked cigarettes when I was growing up.  We had a big pink climber rose outside the window by the porch of my childhood home.  I was quite surprised, I don’t receive messages from her often, in fact, I never do.  I would never have expected the smoke smell but it was definitely not something I could overlook or ignore.  I began to feel emotional, realizing that she had gone to such lengths to get my attention.  I felt her love and support, it was beautiful.  I’m always telling my friends and clients to watch for the signs from spirit.  Here I was, having to get several before I understood.  I have been going through some things lately and have been thinking of my Mom a lot.  I never expected to “hear” from her.  Once I made the connection, it was unmistakable, I just knew that she had touched in.

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It was brief, just a few moments, the time it took to travel a couple of suburban blocks by car.  It has made me happy for several days now.   This experience proves to me, yet again, that our loved ones who have gone to spirit before us are still able to visit us, to support us and to communicate with us.  It was definitely a reminder to me to be open to signs from spirit.  I tell other people about it all the time yet nearly missed these special signs for me!  Although I was very surprised by the way she got my attention, I am very grateful that she did.  Love is the connection that does not die, that transcends the physical. Love is light.  We are all connected by the light within us.  Shine !


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