Happy Thanksgiving

So here we are, it’s the night before Thanksgiving.  Seems like this year has just flown by!  Thanksgiving is my favorite of the holidays.  A holiday that celebrates gratitude, family and friendship.  There are times, throughout our lives,  when we reflect on our blessings and the people we have in our lives.  For me, this is one of those times.  I have been thinking about the  people who mean the most to me, my family and my close friends.  I have found myself recently reflecting on my place in the world.  I am a mother, a sister, a wife, an auntie, and a friend.  I love all of my people and I am grateful to have them in my life.  I watch the next generation grow up – my own children and my nieces and nephews, the children of close friends, with great pride in their accomplishments.

With Thanksgiving here, I have been thinking about the traditions my family holds dear.  Some traditions I bring from my childhood, and some we have built with my own children.  I still make my Mom’s bread stuffing every year, but I have tweaked the recipe with a little cornbread which I love.  Each Thanksgiving morning as the aromas of this recipe begin the permeate the house, I remember Thanksgivings long gone by, and the people I shared them with.  Holidays can bring up the emotions of loss and missing those who are no longer here with us.  By continuing their traditions, and telling my children their stories, I can keep these loved ones close.

I am particularly grateful, this year,  to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Even though life is filled with uncertainty and challenges, I feel such gratitude to be able to share this day with my family.  A crisis certainly does make you look at things differently.  It brings to light what is truly important in this life.  Family and friends, those we love and those who love us – the bottom line.  Tomorrow I will get up early and make my stuffing, get the turkey in the oven, watch the parade and maybe some football.  It’s a busy day, but one filled with traditions, memories, and also hope for the future.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  I understand that some of you may be reading this from a country where this holiday is not observed, please take the opportunity to reflect on your blessings and be grateful.  Remember we are all connected by the light we carry within us.  This world needs each of us to Shine!!!

wild turkey
Photo by ASHISH SHARMA on Pexels.com




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