Summer’s End . . .


Often, we hear about spring being a time of renewal and beginnings, and it is.  When I think of the season of beginnings, I have always felt the change of summer to autumn as a really significant transition for me.   I’m not sure why, but this time of year, while it’s still hot but the days are shortening, awakens something in me.  I feel in my entire being, a sense of ending and the promise of new beginnings – a natural cycle.  When I was younger, no doubt, the start of the school year played into this.  For years I thought that was all it was, it isn’t about the seasons necessarily, its the deeper shift.  Older now, I understand it more, this transition is something real and primal – the universe giving me a big push to get out of the comfort of the lazy summer days and into a new cycle of growth and changes.

This past  couple of weeks I spent a great deal of time by myself.  Just me and the pets here at the house,  going through the daily routines.  The first day I scrubbed and cleaned and got the house in order.   Then,  I enjoyed the quiet!  I noticed that I turned inward more when I wasn’t pulled in a gazillion different directions with kids and appointments and responsibilities.  I heard my inner voice more clearly and was able to function on my own inner schedule.  Upon her return, one of my children asked me “so what did you do this week while we were gone?”  not a difficult question for sure but . . .  well, I didn’t really “do” anything – Hmmmm.  That made me think, well, what did I do?

I spent time with my pets and was able to reconnect and communicate with each of them, without distractions.   I spent some time in meditation and healing work, recharging and touching in with my guides.  I realized at one point, that I had not spoken to anyone for a couple of days.  It struck me that the monks and those who live silently may be on to something.  Without all of the noise and distraction of interactions and conversations, we are almost forced to go inside ourselves.  My inner voice was much more prominent when my outer voice was silenced.  I noticed the sounds of my surroundings, the birds singing, the crickets and cicadas, the neighborhood noises around me.  I had a very relaxing “staycation”.

sunflower field
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About halfway through the week I realized during a run to the farmers market that the little conversations I had with people in passing seemed more significant than usual, that they were important – from the attendant at the gas station to the vendors at the market to the teenager managing the parking lot.   I was much more conscious of these interactions, in particular my contribution.  This made me realize that each person I spoke to was contributing to my energy for the day and I to theirs.  In our hurried, hectic everyday human interactions, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that our words and actions do matter.  The energy that we put out the world has a ripple effect, and determines what comes back to us.  Why not be conscious of what we are sharing in the world.  It’s a contribution to the greater good, as well as an investment in ourselves.

I absolutely enjoyed my solitude. I re-discovered what great company I am!   I learned from my experience that I do really value the special connections I have with family and friends. Also, that I do really value being able to spend time with me.  I am happy to have everyone home and to be getting back into the routine.  I feel like my time on my own has changed my outlook.  I have been attempting to be a positive influence on the people I interact with.  I am preparing for the changes September will bring.  I know that the laid-back summer schedule will become full of activity as school begins again.  I anticipate that there will be family gatherings and activities.  I look forward to crisp air, apple picking and pumpkin everything.  I am optimistic that this new season will refresh my spirit.

I prepare for the upcoming weeks with an excitement deep inside. I’m beginning to feel the energy shift around me and feel optimistic yet again for this yearly transition.   I look forward to both solitary, and shared, experiences to come.   I will attempt to spend more time in meditation and listening to myself going forward.  As always, I am a work in progress.   My time of solitude helped me to understand that even on our own, we are connected.  I spent my week fueling my light.  How will you recharge and nourish your light?  That inner light connects us all.  How will you S H I N E your light this week?

2 thoughts on “Summer’s End . . .

  1. You forgot to mention that you missed me during your time alone!


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