Family Reunion . . . A Gathering of Souls

” Family is where life begins and love never ends”   Unknown

Last night I had a dream.  You know how dreams are, I walked into a room that I kind of recognized, maybe a combination of rooms I have lived in or spent time in at some point.  I noticed there were many people sitting around an extraordinarily large table.  There was music,  laughter and conversation. The odds and ends of a meal remained on the table, as they chatted and enjoyed cocktails.  At first I couldn’t really see individuals, they were surrounded by a bright, glowing light.  As I entered, several faces turned to look at me, I was greeted by the friendly smiles of friends and relatives.  People I have not seen for quite some time.   It was a lovely feeling and I remember it clearly today, hours after waking from the dream.

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I was thinking, Wow!   I have happened upon one of those fantastic family gatherings I remember from my youth.  I looked around the table, exchanging smiles and greetings.  At one end of the table was my mom with my grandparents.  My aunts and uncles, one holding an infant were seated near her.  Children played around the room.  A couple of cats dozed in the window, a dog at my mom’s feet.  It was a crowded room.  I noticed that some of the faces were friends, neighbors,  people who would not have ordinarily been included in a family gathering, but who were important to me.  As I walked through this house, I greeted many people.  I had such a good time reminiscing, chatting and catching up with people I have not seen for some time.  It was wonderful!  I was surrounded with warmth and love and light.

At some point, I prepared to leave this “party” and in my dream I said good-bye to my relatives and friends.  We exchanged hugs, I kissed the children and petted the animals.  When I approached my mother, I kissed her cheek and she kissed mine, I breathed deeply that moment.  As I hugged her she seemed to pop like a bubble, she disappeared right out of my arms in iridescent waves, much like a child’s soap-bubble.  I squeezed my eyes shut and held onto the feeling of her as long as I could as I began to awaken from this dream into reality.   As I became aware of the birds singing and the sun streaming in my bedroom window, I realized I had experienced a very special dream.  I had visited with several loved ones and friends and pets in spirit.  I had been to a party with the dead.  Wow!

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As I sit here several hours later, I still feel pumped to have spent time with these special people.  I have had these dreams before but they are very rare for me.  I don’t see any pattern to them or anything.  I believe that these visitation experiences are a gift.  Although, I only remember a few of the conversations I had in this visit, I cherish them.  It was so vivid!  I have no doubt that those in spirit can – and do – visit us in dreams.  I can’t help but wonder why there was such a large gathering last night.  I know in my heart that it was special.  I keep catching myself looking for the message in this dream.  Maybe there isn’t really a message.   I have been nostalgic about family lately, I have been particularly missing some of them as anniversaries and special memories have come up.

Perhaps, the message is that we are still connected even through the boundaries of this life and the next.  I believe that love, in its many forms, is the glue that binds us to each other in this life.  I know that each of us possesses within a unique and beautiful light.  I find it inspirational that this bond of love and light transcends time and space.  I know I felt loved in my dream gathering.  I know I saw my parents and relatives I knew and loved, as well as some that passed before I was even born.  It makes me think that our bonds of love and family here must continue on some level there.  As they say in Lilo and Stitch  “family means nobody gets left behind”.  This dream validates my heartfelt belief that we us are all connected.  That the light within us connects us all.  I feel that we have a responsibility to share our light for the good of all of us.

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I feel honored to have been welcomed to the gathering of souls in my dream last night.  I plan to go forward today and   S H I N E   my light.  I encourage you to do the same.

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