Light Goes On

“Those we love don’t go away,

They walk beside us every day,

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

Still loved, still missed, and very dear”



I have spent the last few days praying for, and sending healing to a woman I know who is preparing to leave this life, and to her family, who are supporting her.  As always, it is heartbreaking.  I know the emotions they are dealing with, having lost my own parents already.  As a medium, I know that those who die continue on in spirit.  I also know that the grief experienced when a loved one leaves us is indescribable.  I have spoken to her relatives, those in this physical  world, and those waiting for her in the next.  I have relayed the messages I have received to her family, hoping they provide some comfort in a very difficult time.  Love is a powerful bond connecting us in this life, and that love remains to keep us connected, transcending  life and death.

Grief is the damnedest thing.  It can be all-consuming.  It is sneaky and will slam you at the most unexpected times.  Although there are documented stages to grief and grieving, there are really no rules.  The grieving process is deeply personal and individual.  For me, grief has ebbed and flowed.  It has never really left me, it just retreats, and comes back in waves of varying intensity at various, often random times.  Sometimes, even though it has been many years since my mother’s death, the raw pain of it hits my heart as if it were yesterday.  I continue to offer my prayers and send healing to her wherever she may be in her journey.  My own journey continues, without her. I take comfort in the memories I carry.

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Death is a part of life, none of us gets out of here alive, after all.  On a basic level, we all understand this.  When it hits us close to home, it is only human to experience the emotions of sadness, loss, and fear.  As much as physical death is a part of life, it is one that, for the most part, we avoid thinking about.  It is difficult to support a loved one through the end of life.  Bearing witness to the death of a loved one, brings us face to face with our own mortality.  I have had conversations with people who know their death is near.  Some are comforted by the belief that they will again see loved ones who have already made the transition.  Some look forward to some version of the afterlife or heaven.  There are many theories but none of us will totally understand death until we experience it.

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I am positive that our loved ones do meet us and assist us when it is our turn to cross over.  I know that our loved ones in spirit reach out to us.  I believe that our “soul” or “essence” continues in different form.  There is no way to make the loss of a loved one any easier for those of us who remain on the physical side. The grief is inevitable.  The support of family and friends is crucial to caretakers and families.  Each person deals with it in their own way.  As for me, I will continue with the healing and prayers.  I will pray for her peaceful passing and that her family find peace and comfort.   I hope that when she does the transition to spirit, she reaches out to us from her heaven.  I will watch for a sign that she is ok.  I feel as though her primary sign from spirit will be a red cardinal, not a surprise to those that know her.

This world will lose a unique light when she departs.  Each one of us brings an individual light into the world.  We are all connected by this light within.  The collective light is greater when we each S H I N E  our lights brightly!













5 thoughts on “Light Goes On

  1. Very nice. Glad I read this one at home and not at work first thing in the morning as usual.


    1. It’s so tough when it’s someone you love


  2. Beautiful and comforting Sandy.


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