The Power of You



I had a conversation with a friend the other day.  She is also a medium and energy healer. She works from a brick and mortar metaphysical shop in the area.  We discussed that it seems like many people are awakening to their abilities these days.  We spoke about how being a “psychic” or opening a metaphysical business is so much more common and more accepted now than when we began to publicly utilize our gifts.

When I began working as an intuitive, nearly two decades ago, it was difficult to find a reader or energy healer.  You really had to know someone and word of mouth was the only way to connect.  Now there are several shops in my area and many people offering classes and readings.  There are several energy healing facilities locally.   The growth has been phenomenal.  We came to the conclusion that, overall, it is a good thing to have this growth and acknowledgement of our work, even if it does mean more competition in the local market.


This got me to thinking about individuality.   We are all unique individuals, our personalities and viewpoints separating us from our peers.  Within the metaphysical circles, I find a community that is mostly supportive of each other.  I believe that we each carry our own light into the world.  Each one of us, has light and energy to share.  Each one of our contributions to the whole is important. As we bring our own individuality into our practice as energy workers and intuitives, and pass on our knowledge,  we help to expand the network of light.  Now, more than ever, we truly need that light.  Our earth and her people need all the love, light and healing we can bring forward.

I am a firm believer that we each have the responsibility to shine our unique light for the greater good.  As we shine together we create a greater light for the collective.  I am acutely aware of the struggles some people have with sharing their gifts and abilities.  I understand the fear and reluctance to expose, that can hold us back.  I would say to anyone hesitating to step into their authentic self, what is keeping you from your true path, your potential.   Is it fear – what is the worst that can happen?  There may be some people who will not agree, for whatever reason, with you.  The bottom line is – that is not your problem, why let it bother you.  I struggled greatly with “coming out” as a psychic.  I eventually came to understand that I had to live authentically, speak my truth and go forward on my life path, by sharing my light.  You can too.

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There is strength in numbers and there are so many of us.  Many more individuals are awakening to their gifts every day.  We may call ourselves by different titles, but our purposes are similar.  Each one of us has to ability to contribute to the good of all – and we should.  By living that truth and shining our lights forward together, we light the way for a greater world.  There is power in each of us.  Now is the time to embrace the power of you.  Now is the time to         S H I N E !


2 thoughts on “The Power of You

  1. YUP! It is fear! I do love the pictures you use in your posts


    1. Thank you! most of the photos are public photos through Some are originals.


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