ENERGY HEALING – What Is It and How Can It Benefit You?

“We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy” Deepak Chopra

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I recently completed additional training to be better equipped to provide the best energy healing sessions that I possibly can for my clients. I have received some questions about energy healing. I will attempt to answer some of them here.

Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years. It has been a component of several religions and has been known by various names through the ages. The church healers who perform “laying on of hands”, medicine men, shamans, and mystics throughout history, have all practiced forms of energy healing. It has become more well-known and widely accepted in recent years.

All of us, and everything around us, consists of energy. By reading and manipulating energy, change and healing are possible. Those of us who work with energy healing understand that we are not the healers – rather we are channels for the healing energy. This energy flows through us to the receiver. Different belief systems refer to the origins of this divine healing energy as God, Source, the Universe, and Infinite Spirit, to name a few. There are positive and healing benefits for the practitioner as well, as the energy flows through us. It is very rewarding to bring this healing energy to the people who need it.


For a practitioner to facilitate energy healing, it is important that they be properly attuned to and trained in the modality they use. There are many different varieties of energy healing. I will use several different methods, either alone or combined, depending on the needs of the client, at that time. There are healing attunements and classes offered online which do not provide any training or support. Personally, I believe that these are risky. I think it is important to thoroughly understand the modality you are working with, and to be able to address any concerns or questions the client may have. It is imperative to be able to support the client through any eventuality which may occur during a healing. Appropriate training and practice gives the practitioner the necessary tools to recognize and understand the emotional, physical and spiritual impacts of a healing session on the client.

When choosing your energy healing practitioner, you should be aware of what modalities they will utilize in your session. For instance, are they using Reiki or another method of energy healing? What is their level of attunement or training ? How much experience do they have? What is the cost of the session? Some practitioners use more than one type of energy healing in a session. You should discuss your needs and expectations for the session before beginning. You should be at ease asking them questions. Discuss any concerns you may have concerning your session beforehand. The energy healing practitioner should explain what to expect and be sure you are comfortable before beginning your session.


When your sessions begins, just allow yourself to receive the healing energy. What the client experiences varies somewhat from person to person. Most people report a deep relaxation and sense of well-being. Energy healing is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment method. Energy healing is a holistic practice in which healing energy is channeled from divine source through the practitioner to the client. Each person is filled with life-force energy which flows through and around us. We each have our own unique energy field. This life-force energy flows through energy centers in the body called chakras. Located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head there are seven basic chakras. These chakras are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Ajna or Third Eye, and Crown. Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency, and is associated with a specific color. Each chakra is associated with particular organs and emotions. Energy healing restores and balances the flow of energy within the body. This clears blockages and allows healing to occur naturally.

Please note that energy healing complements traditional medical treatment, it does not replace it. I believe that energy healing can have a positive effect on all forms of illness and the side effects of traditional medical treatment. There are many major medical facilities now offering Reiki treatments. The anxiety felt prior to surgical procedures, as well as the pain and uncomfortable side effects of disease or treatments, are often relieved or decreased by healing energy.


There are different methods of energy healing. There are several traditions of Reiki as well as Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Integrated Energy and many more. I use an intuitive approach in my healing sessions. I apply and often combine modalities I am certified in during a session. I am certified in and attuned to Usui Reiki, Shambala Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Advanced Angel Healing and Crystal Healing. Other practitioners may have different skill sets so be sure to clarify, particularly if you wish to experience a specific type of session. Energy healing can be done in-person or at distance. I run distance energy healing sessions with results comparable to in-person sessions. I will write about some of these different modalities in a separate post, as there is a lot of information to relay.

So – How can energy healing benefit you? The short answer is that it depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I do not set limits on what energy healing can achieve. I believe that energy healing is beneficial, whether you are seeking a release of stress, relaxation, or a complementary treatment to support you alongside traditional medicine. I would suggest that if you are interested in energy healing you should go ahead and explore the possibilities. Decide what you are looking for and book that appointment. You may be pleasantly surprised. Let me know, in the comments section, if you have any questions, and I would love to hear your experiences with energy healing.

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