5 Reasons To Try Energy Healing

People ask me all the time why they should try this Energy Healing thing that I do.

Here are my top five reasons why you should experience an energy healing session.


  1. To see what all the fuss is about.  The mystery surrounding this healing modality keeps some folks from making that appointment, the fear of the unknown, so to speak.  By talking with your practitioner before your session you should be able to address any questions you may have.
  2. To manage stress.  No time, too busy, too much stress in my life – sound familiar? Energy healing will clear any negativity that you may have picked up which opens space for positive, balanced energy.  This will help you to feel less stressed and better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.
  3. As part of self-care.  Any time you make the investment in yourself, it benefits you greatly.  Giving yourself an uninterrupted time to relax and experience the positive energy flowing around and through you, will nourish your body, mind and spirit.  The feeling of well-being that a session offers is well worth the time and investment.
  4. To complement traditional medical care.  The feelings of well-being and relaxation during and following your energy healing session, can assist greatly as a complementary treatment during cancer treatments which has recognized, uncomfortable side effects.  Energy healing can also help you to cope with the anxiety associated with a procedure or treatment.
  5. To support your efforts to maintain health and fitness. Energy sessions help to keep the positive vibrations high. Set the intention to keep on track with your  goals for optimum health and well-being.


I personally believe that everyone can benefit from energy healing.  I hope that you will look into an energy healing treatment for yourself.  Find a reputable practitioner, one you feel comfortable with.  Go ahead and schedule that appointment.   I would love to hear about your experience!


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Try Energy Healing

  1. schedule me please


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