Shine Your Light Into the Darkness

“Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness”  Desmond Tutu


As a light-worker,  I strive each day to keep my vibration as high as possible.  I know I am a work in progress, and I am only human – there is plenty of room for improvement.  I know that this is not a perfect world, and that there is negativity and suffering out there.  I try to add positivity, in some way, each day to the world around me.  I do my best to shine my light into the darkness, hoping to make a difference, however small.   Some days, like yesterday, it is a challenge to keep myself vibrating high. I am unsure at these times if my contribution even matters.

Today, I remain deeply saddened, by the news of yet another school shooting incident.  This time in Texas.  So far away,  yet it could happen anywhere.  Each one of these horrific events breaks my heart and touches my soul.  These acts of violence and darkness in the world are happening far too frequently.  In a world with so much beauty, it is not difficult to be swallowed up by the ugliness in the news.  It is too easy to become discouraged, in the face of tragedy.  Of course, as a Mom,  I worry for my own children. They should be able to learn and grow at school knowing they are safe.  I pray every day for the protection of my children, and all of the students going about their days in these frightening times.


In processing this most recent event, I realize that so many of you are right there with me, our hearts aching for the victims and families affected, our thoughts with them.   On a daily basis, there are people all around this world suffering – from natural disasters to man-made catastrophes and injustices – there is significant hardship and misery.  There are also people all around this world praying for those afflicted. There are many of us ordinary people sending love and light, and healing, to those situations.

I have to believe that each little bit of light and positivity that we put forward, into the darkness of these circumstances,  helps.  I think that, perhaps, this is where faith comes into play.  We need to persevere in our own little corners of the world, and continue to do good deeds, because each of us, does make a difference.  We need to continue to hope, to pray, to heal – to shine our light into the darkness and to trust that, somehow, we are helping to create a better world.

After all, we are all connected . . .

heart shaped candle


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