Conversing with Animals . . .



Animals – I just love animals! They all captivate me, the creatures in the wild and the beasts curled up on the sofa. I really only interact, on a personal level, with the domesticated animals – pets. I have lived with animals consistently throughout my life. Currently, I share my home with two rescued cats and two labrador retrievers. They bring a lot of fun and joy into our family.


Can we really communicate with our animals? Absolutely! I think most of us talk to our pets, but do we really communicate? I remember clearly the first time I had a verifiable animal conversation. I was having brunch with a group at a friend’s home. While rinsing something in her sink, I glanced out of the window above. I saw, in my mind’s eye, a cat, sitting in the small bay window. She was a very pretty cat, fluffy and plump, she relayed to me that she was quite regal, and important in the home. I began to receive information about this cat and her life – Hmmmmm! I mentioned to my friend that I was conversing with a cat in her kitchen window. As I described the animal, and told her of our conversation, she chuckled, and said “come with me”.  She led me upstairs to the bedroom. We entered the room, and sitting right there on the bed, was the pretty cat! I was certainly surprised. I was certain that the cat was in spirit, because, as a Medium, I frequently hear from animals who have passed to that realm. This was a whole new aspect of communication for me. This beautiful kitty greeted me, and as I scratched her chin, she told me about her life and her feelings for her owner. I relayed the messages to my friend, and she was able to validate it. Wow!

yellow tabby cat

At that time, I had a Brittany Spaniel at home, his name was Seamus. I decided to try to talk with him. Over time, I was able to do so. Seamus had a lifelong medical condition, and I worried about his suffering. In the end, Seamus was able to let me know when it was time to let him go. I had two cats for many years, one of whom, Callie, was my special baby. We established a deep communication connection with each other. I could call her name in my head and she would come from wherever she was to sit in my lap. She expressed herself a lot to me throughout her life. Callie loved Reiki energy and would sit and purr while receiving healing energy. When it was time for her to leave this life, she was able to communicate that to me. Although being with my animal companions as they made the transition was extremely painful, I know that they were ready to go.

backlit beach clouds dawn

I continue to develop my ability to communicate with animals. I have learned a great deal about their experiences and emotions.  I have discovered that they are all individuals, and I have unique relationships with each of my pets.  I have done energy healing treatments with the pets of friends and relatives, as well as my own. I am very grateful that I am able to talk with animals. I believe we have meaningful connections with our beloved pets. I think we can all communicate on a deeper level with them.  I know that it is a very rewarding aspect of living with animals.  I would encourage you to explore this. Have an open mind and give it a try.  I would love to hear about your communication, on this deep level, with your pets.

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