I’m a Psychic-Medium – You’re a what ?!?


Well, that happened. I was asked what I do and I answered honestly, I said “I’m a Psychic-Medium” and the response was “Um . . . You’re a what?!?” followed by “Well are you a Psychic or a Medium?” “Aren’t they the same thing?” Insert heavy sigh – here-.

I really felt like I should explain, and I struggled to find the words to clarify. It is confusing to those who do not understand the terminology. Here are a couple of dictionary definitions of the two words:

Psychic; A person believed to have abilities which cannot be explained by modern science, especially knowledge of the future.

Medium; Third party or element through which a message is communicated.

Basically, a Psychic, using their intuitive abilities, can provide information. This is usually the “will I get a better job? a new lover? what do you see for me?” type of stuff. A Medium, can connect with and relay messages from spirit. You know, the “I talk to dead people” line that TV psychics and comedians are so fond of. All Mediums are psychic, not all Psychics are Mediums. A person who is able to do both, is a Psychic-Medium. When I first began to actively open and develop my intuitive abilities, I did not think I was capable of mediumship.

I was quite surprised when, while engaged in a conversation with my husband, I began to receive information and recognized that it was not from regular senses, and further that it was not from my “psychic” senses. I was astounded when the spirit communicator identified himself. As amazed as I was by this, it was nothing compared to how astonished my husband was. I did not know much about his family, and very little about those who had already transitioned to spirit.

He recognized the communicator, and the information flowed. It was a lesson for both of us really. There were some messages that we could not immediately validate and we had to research the family history and research some facts with other family members. In the end, with the details confirmed, it all made sense. My husband had new family stories told by relatives, some of whom, he had never even met.

Wow! I thought, perhaps I am a Medium. This revelation revealed a new path of exploration and education. The unfolding of my abilities as a Medium truly did begin that day, with that conversation. It has been an ongoing process, I am a work in progress!

I encourage those of you, who feel you may be psychic, to explore the possibilities. Look within yourself, see your light, and let it . . . S h i n e ! ! !

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