Parking Angels – the Universe really does have your back


Well, the day began so peacefully sipping coffee in the early morning solitude . . . yup so that didn’t last long.  An unexpected appointment for my youngest had me rearranging my afternoon schedule.  This is not a big deal, right?  I got everything in order and with no time to spare, we headed out.  Traffic, roadwork, school buses. . . we made it to the parking lot right before the scheduled appointment time.   There it was – rows and rows of spaces filled with vehicles, cars parked on the ends of aisles, in the lined zones, and  along the curbing by the entrance.  My stress level spiked as I entered the maze, dodging other cranky drivers all looking for that nonexistent parking space.  Oh no, I thought, this isn’t good!

Deep breaths, I told myself, there is no option but to park in this lot.  I started to do my relaxation breathing while sitting still in the line of waiting cars.  One by one the cars ahead of me began to move forward.  As I calmed my racing mind, it occurred to me to ask for help.  So, I said out loud “Parking Angels, I really need a space – Please!”  My daughter and I both sighed, it didn’t seem likely that even they could help this time.  Just then, right on cue, right in front of me as the SUV in front of me moved forward, a car on my right just ahead began to back out.  So there I was hitting my directional signal and pulling into a parking space right across from the entrance, right on time.  Yes!

Later on, back at home, I started thinking about times that the universe seemed to help me out just when I needed it.  The times when things just worked out right.  In some instances, it looked like an unfortunate thing, like missing the bus, the car not starting, the alarm not going off,  resulting in my missing something horrible that I “should” have been there for.  I realized that there have been numerous times when I was assisted by unseen forces.  I believe that we have a whole team of behind-the-scenes assistants to help us in this life.  I also have learned that it is not always the profound situation, rather sometimes it is the everyday, the ordinary where they step up, to save us, help us or just to cheer us on.

So, you can count on the protection from your guardian angel, trust the guidance and wisdom from your spirit guides; know that the Parking Angels can perform small miracles, and be grateful.  Be thankful that whether it’s a life-changing crisis, or only the stress of an ordinary day when you just need a place to put the car for a while, the Universe truly does have your back.

1 thought on “Parking Angels – the Universe really does have your back

  1. Most def Angels watching over you!! 🙏🏻💕


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