Signs From Spirit

I am often asked how our loved ones who have gone before us communicate with us.  Most people have little faith in their ability to receive messages.   I have found that those in spirit can be very creative in making their presence known to us.  Sometimes our special people will appear in our dreams.  Have you ever been thinking of someone and as you start the car a meaningful song comes on the radio?  They can make lights flicker or move objects in our homes.  There are some signs that I have come to acknowledge as pretty universal.  I hear about them often from clients and increasingly in the media.


As I sit here this beautiful spring morning in New England ,  I receive a sign of my own.  I am enjoying the quiet of the new day and a cup of coffee in solitude (doesn’t happen often).  Outside my window I notice a beautiful, red cardinal has landed on the porch railing and started to sing.   I pause for a moment to enjoy his song, especially as I had just been thinking of a special loved one who often sends me this sign of his presence.  I had just been thinking of him as I prepared to write this post so I wasn’t necessarily surprised to see the cardinal, but I wasn’t expecting it either.  So I think to myself, what a lovely way of saying good morning, a precious gift!

The cardinal is one of those “signs” that is widely recognized as a message from spirit.  You will also hear of many people who have received coins or “pennies from heaven”.  I have a client who has a jar of such pennies on her mantel as a reminder of her Dad.   Feathers that appear from nowhere are also a well-known sign, especially white ones.  Butterflies and dragonflies are beautiful messengers that our loved ones will send to remind us of their continued presence in our lives.  If you feel or think of your loved one when you see any of these, isn’t that a gift?  I don’t believe in coincidences, so if that song comes on the radio right at that time, I say that’s a sign.

I advise my clients who are looking for a “sign” of this sort to simply ask for it.  Ask your loved one for a message  – and then pay attention.  Oftentimes, a spirit will send different signs at different times and it is the timing that is important,  you know it is not a “coincidence”.   You will most likely recognize who is reaching out!  It continues to amaze me how our loved ones in spirit find a way to convey their love and support from the other side.  If you are fortunate enough to receive these messages from your loved ones, allow yourself the joy of accepting it !

As I sit here and listen to the song of the cardinal perched right outside my window, I acknowledge who sent him, I am grateful, and I say – Thank you!!


I hope you have a fantastic day and remember to let your light Shine !!!

4 thoughts on “Signs From Spirit

  1. I get pennies from my family members also. When my Grammy passed away and we were cleaning out her house I found a penny from the year I was born. Recently a week before our birthday (I’m May 1st and she’s May 2nd) I found another penny from the year I was born. Sometimes I smell my uncles in the room with me and although I haven’t seen full body apparitions since I was much younger I know they’re around me and it gives me great comfort!


    1. That’s awesome that they give you pennies! Its such a blessing to receive these messages isn’t it?! I’m happy for you that it brings you comfort, I think that’s what they intend it to do.

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  2. Jeanne Redmond Dillon May 28, 2018 — 3:11 am

    Hi Sandi! Thank you for notifying me about your new website. I was just reading through it. You are truly blessed with a special gift. I hope to see you for a reading in the near future!! I have been finding dimes for several years. I know they are a sign from someone in Heaven. I always feel better when I find a dime because it means someone is watching over me!!
    I wish you much success with your website!! Looking forward to following your blog. Thanks again. Talk soon!!
    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Jeanne I’m so glad to see you here! Of course I would be happy to see you for a reading. Yes those dimes are a sign and you not only know they are from someone watching over you, I bet you know who that is!


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