The Journey Begins


So …  I have decided to take the huge step of creating this website and blog.  It has been many years in the making.  I have struggled for some time with the idea of publicizing what I do.  People have not always been kind and accepting of us lightworkers, I feel that for the most part, society is evolving.   I have done so much inner work to release the fears and insecurities which have held me back from sharing.  Here goes!

My hope for this blog is to share some of my journey, which I hope can help you along the path of self discovery.  We are here to live our own unique purpose.  I believe that our soul, our essence, the true energy being we are is continuously growing and evolving through our experiences.  Each of us possess gifts and abilities that we are meant to share. We all carry our own individual light into the world.  I have spent most of my life thus far trying to figure out what my purpose is.

I have grown to understand that my work as a psychic-medium and energy healer is an integral part of my soul’s journey.  I know that I have had profound experiences and witnessed great growth and healing both for myself and my clients over the years. Through this blog, I hope to show you a window into my world.   I want to encourage you to explore and to learn.  Most of all I want to inspire you to shine your light!

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