Using Self-Talk to Enrich Your Life

Today is a Good Day to have a Great Day!

I am sure that you have heard of positive affirmations. They are everywhere and everyone has a theory as to whether or not they are beneficial, when you can use them, how you should use them. Some people even go so far as to outline which words you can use. I highly recommend that you try it. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use a website, or you can buy a calendar or notebook with positive quotes you can use a jumping off point.

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I believe that positive affirmations are beneficial. They are to me! Today I will share some of my routine and thoughts so that you can decide if using positive affirmations will be good for you. Again, I recommend trying to incorporate positivity into your daily life in whatever ways resonate with you, using positive affirmations is definitely worth a try.

I would like to point out that there have been numerous studies done that have shown that people who use positive affirmations in their daily lives feel more relaxed, more confident, and more capable. It has been shown that using affirmations may help overcome situational anxiety and help cope with stress. Some studies show that positive affirmations cause the brain to release feel-good chemicals.

I absolutely believe that you get back what you put out to the universe. I try every day to maintain my energy in a high-vibe, positive state. It is not always easy to do! I take a couple of minutes each morning to face myself in the mirror and talk to me.

Yes, I did say in the morning, although I think you can do this at any time it is convenient or that you need to. You do not need to be looking into the mirror. You do not need to speak your affirmations out loud if it’s not appropriate in the situation at hand. I choose to do mine in the morning to start my day on a positive note, with a little encouragement and confidence building. You choose what works for you.

Photo by Ivan Oboleninov on Pexels.com

For me, I like to keep my affirmations concise and direct. I choose my affirmations depending on what is going on in my life that day. My current favorite and most used affirmation is

Today is a Good Day to have a Great Day !

Some clear and simple affirmations I may use include:

I am confident – I am beautiful – I am capable – I am worthy – I am successful

Some of these very simple words can have a profound effect on us when spoken to ourselves. Some can be very difficult to say. If you find that an affirmation is difficult to say, or you feel that it is not true – then this could be an area that you need to explore more deeply and/or heal within yourself. For instance, if you choke up and feel insecure saying “I am worthy” there may be underlying reasons why you do not feel worthy which merit more work to heal.

Any new practice takes time to become a habit or routine. For me, it took about a month of saying daily affirmations to feel like it was a regular part of my day. Just keep trying, do it when you can, you will find what works for you. There are numerous websites that publish affirmations for you to try. A simple internet search will show many sites where you can get more in-depth information and guidance about this practice. I do believe that you can inspire improvement in your life by using affirmations to remain positive. There is real power in positive thinking! We can all use a little boost to stay positive in this topsy-turvy world. Why not try some inspirational self-talk and see where it takes you.

As always, get out there and

S H I N E !!!

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