MUSIC and MESSAGES – The Soundtrack of Our Lives


Ludwig Von Beethoven



For most of us, music is a significant thread in the fabric of life. I know I always have music playing at home.  In the car, the radio is always on, and I sing along to my favorite songs.  I have  music for meditation, music for relaxation, music to get to sleep.  My music collection is vast – my playlists are many.  When I think back over my life, it is the music that marks the most poignant moments. The first notes of a song can trigger memories, good and bad, happy and sad, in a flash.   I fondly remember dancing in the kitchen with my Mom and sisters, the pop music of my childhood blaring from the little radio on the fridge.  So vivid the sensations of bare feet on the cool linoleum floor and the smell of home on those summer mornings.  I recall driving with my first love, the car radio playing through open windows into the early evening breeze.  I smile when I think of sneaking upstairs to peek in the nursery door, with the soothing sound of lullabies playing softly in the background.  This is the soundtrack of my life.

There is music associated with most major life events, romantic and wedding songs, children’s lullabies, Ave´ Maria at funerals.  These moments will remain with me for a lifetime.  Music evokes strong emotions, bringing forth smiles or tears in just seconds.  When we plan events, music is chosen to set the desired mood.  Strong emotional connections form around holiday and worship music.  It is by design that there is music playing in restaurants and shopping malls.   I love most music, from the classical to today’s pop, and I listen to a wide variety of genres and artists.   I find joy and healing in the melodies and lyrics.  Music truly nourishes the spirit.  Some people are gifted with musical talent.  This should be nurtured as it is truly a divine gift.  Music is a beautiful bridge between the spiritual and the physical.  Music can unite and inspire people in ways not many things can.

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I have a spirit guide who frequently delivers messages using music.  These messages come through in the form of song titles, lyrics or snippets of melody.  I also receive signs from my loved ones who have passed on in the form of music.  This “sign” from spirit is quite common, I hear from people often who receive and recognize it.  Sometimes a meaningful song will come on the radio right when I think of my loved one, or in answer to a question.  I once walked up to a friend and had a couple of bars of a song I did not necessarily recognize, come into my head. When I hummed it for her, she said “Oh that was my Mom and Dad’s wedding dance song, their anniversary would have been today”.  She told me that she had been thinking of them all day.  Definitely a message that they were with her at that time.

Have you ever noticed how you never really forget a song?  The words flow right back when you hear it.  Recently,  I gave a reading in which I kept getting song lyrics and titles.  I felt like I was delivering messages in code.  We laughed about this through the session and at the end my client told me that every song mentioned was important in some way to her.  She messaged me afterwards, to tell me that she heard two of the songs, which came up in her reading, on the car radio while driving home.  These were not songs currently in popular rotation, so she knew that it was validation of the messages received.   If you notice this kind of thing happening to you, take note.  There are no coincedences, and spirit can be very creative in getting through to us. Music is very powerful.

So whether you create music or just enjoy listening to it, there is a soundtrack to your life.  As you live your life and create your memories, remember to be true to yourself.  There is only one of you and the unique light you bring into this life.  So, get out there and let your light Shine !



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