5 Reasons to Get Outside Today

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”           Albert Einstein



The pressures of long days at work. The responsibilities of parenting or managing a home. The everyday stressors, that we all experience, push us to the limit. By the time the weekend comes around, we all need a break, I know I do. Some of us seek respite in the great outdoors. Now that the days are getting longer, I am finding that I don’t have to wait until the weekend to get outside. It is possible to head out for a walk in the park early in the morning, before dinner or late in the evening. Although I have always been a fan of the lengthy getaway, these shorter breaks in nature refresh and inspire me. Whether you are a city dweller, or you reside in a country setting, you can and should enjoy some time outside in the glory of nature. Something as simple as coffee on the deck overlooking the garden, can serve as a “break”. In the city, visit an arboretum or rooftop garden. The sun on your skin, the breeze ruffling your hair, and the sound of the birds is food for the soul. I am fortunate to reside by the ocean. I often say that a long walk on the beach can usually set me to rights and get me right back on track.


green tree photo

There is nothing like a walk outside to ground me solidly. Feeling connected to mother earth brings us firmly into our physical bodies. It is important to have the balance of connection to the divine and the connection to the earth. The sensation of my feet solidly on the earth brings me a sense of stability in my physical body. Grounding is important for all of us, but many don’t realize it. For light-workers, it is imperative, to bring us back to center, to ground,  after any type of energy work. My favorite grounding method is a walk along the shore. The oneness I feel with nature imparts feelings of safety and connection to the earth and her people. The action of the waves across my feet cleanses, clears and moves energy, which enhances the feeling of stability and strength that can only come from the Earth. All of us benefit from grounding. The next time you are walking outside, be conscious of the sensations you are experiencing. Be aware of the benefits of grounding as they unfold.


adult adventure beautiful climb

We have all gotten the memo by now that we need physical exercise to keep our bodies and minds in good condition. A nice, brisk walk outside gets the blood pumping, clears the head, and works the muscles. The deep, efficient breathing pattern fills your lungs with nice fresh air and provides oxygen to every cell in your body. I love a good hike along the coast or through the park trails in my area. A daily dose of outdoor exercise helps you sleep soundly at night. Whatever your outdoor activity of choice is: bicycling, running, tennis, kayaking, etc., it is easier to get out there if you genuinely enjoy what you are doing. Be mindful of the benefits to your physical body. Exposure to sunshine helps to set your circadian rhythm and can improve your mood. The sun also helps the body to manufacture Vitamin D. Overexposure to the sun causes its own set of problems so do use sunscreen.


white clouds

When you are outside in the fresh air and sunshine, you are better able to release negative or low energy emotions, such as stress, worry, or anger. This allows for the cleansing and clearing of your personal energy. The transmutation of these negative energies, clears space for positive, healing energy to fill your being. I know I can head out in a thundercloud mood and return from a bike ride or hike with a renewed sense of well-being and happiness. Outdoor exercise is also thought to help with feelings of sadness. Yes, being outside can actually make you happy. How great is that? Be sure to remain well hydrated. Drinking water assists with shifting energy in addition to hydrating the physical body. We are energetic beings and it is important to keep our vibration as high as possible. Being outdoors can greatly assist us energetically.


backlit balance beach cloud

The clearing and balancing of energy we experience while outdoors puts us in the optimal state for connecting with our higher self. I also feel the natural setting is a great place to reinforce your connection with the divine. By spending time outdoors as often as possible, I believe that we can keep ourselves in the best spiritual alignment – body, mind, and spirit – centered and balanced. Being grounded and connected to divine energy really completes the energetic circuit. Walking is a fantastic “moving meditation” and it is best done outdoors. Be conscious of your surroundings and remain “in the moment” really enjoy your time. I often receive messages or guidance from my spirit guides while outside. A meditation or yoga practice on the deck can pack a lot of punch during a break or when getting “away” is not possible. Why not try something new in the great outdoors? I’m sure there are tai chi, yoga or meditation classes outdoors in your area. Explore, and find what works for you.

The bottom line is – GET OUTSIDE !

Just like Mom always said “It’s good for you”.

  •  cover photo credit: Johannes Plenio on Pexels


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Get Outside Today

  1. Well written and true! Always need that break.


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