A Morning Ritual – My Oracle Cards

I love waking up before everybody else.  When the house sounds of sleepy breathing and the yard is a chorus of bird songs.  This is when I have a little bit of peace and quiet to slowly awaken and savor the start of the day. Some days “my time” doesn’t happen until everyone else has left for the day and I can take a deep breath.  Either way,  I give thanks that I am here to face a new day – new challenges and new rewards.

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“Be grateful each morning, for the new day is a gift brought to you in the night”              Sandi Tobin

I have a morning routine.  Sorta. I try to start my day in way that supports my body, mind and spirit. A proper start to the day helps me to live my life as my best, authentic self.  I haven’t quite perfected my morning rituals, I still haven’t gotten around to getting more exercise. It is my intention to get that going as the weather gets better and I can make my walks with my dogs more regular and perhaps longer.  I am always attempting to maintain healthful eating habits – emphasis on the attempting.  Eventually, they will both be components of my regular morning routine. The plan is – healthful breakfast, coffee, exercise, meditation, oracle card.  Again I say it, I am a work in progress.


One of the things I do, most mornings, is to choose an oracle card for my day.  Sometimes, I draw a card to answer a specific question that I may have.  Other times, I am looking for general guidance, or a focus for the day.  Sometimes, I draw more than one card and do a reading for myself.  I usually use one of my oracle decks for these purposes.  I have grown to really like the oracle decks.  I have some decks that came with wonderful little books so that I can really dive deep on a question or topic.  I have a couple of decks where the messages on the card are very straight-forward.  Each type has their place and I enjoy working and playing with my oracle decks.

I have several decks of Oracle Cards now.  There are so many available.  There is a huge variety of themes, something for every interest.  A quick search will illustrate just how varied the options are – Angels, Mermaids, Color, etc.  New decks are coming out all the time.   The artwork is very varied as well, some of it is gorgeous.  Even the backs of some of some cards are beautiful.  There are several different themes I have been drawn to and some art that I really like.  How do you choose an oracle deck for personal use?  I think it comes down to what speaks to you.


Lately, I have been really into my Nature’s Whispers deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall.  Initially it was the artwork that got me.  It is beautiful and really speaks to me.  Each card has an illustration, a number, and a keyword. The messages are great and really resonate with me.  It also comes with a nice book which contains the messages and explanations. I really love everything about this deck.  I am considering buying the Whispers of Love deck by the same people.   I also have been relying lately on my Daily Guidance from your Angels cards by Doreen Virtue, I have had this deck for ages but have only recently begun using it regularly. Each card has an angelic illustration and keyword. The message is fully written out right on the card.  There is a nice book for going deeper but I love these for quick, direct answers.  This deck is my go to when pulling cards for clients or friends and family because the messages are clear, concise and I don’t need to flip through the book.


I don’t think you have to be psychic to use oracle cards.  That being said,  I think it’s a great way to start exploring metaphysical abilities.  I, personally, sometimes use them as a tool in readings, and often find further intuitive interpretations come in along with the given explanations.   I understand now why people end up with many decks.  I’m certain I will be adding to my collection. What Oracle Decks are your favorites?







4 thoughts on “A Morning Ritual – My Oracle Cards

  1. Great post. Love that quote!


  2. I wrote a piece about Josephine Wall on an art tutorial website I worked on. I too loved her artwork.


  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UkZ7xbTgFM I chose this video as it has Jospehines work on but, the song by Enya really sets it off. Ann


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