5 Reasons to Book a Mediumship Session

As a medium, I am well aware that there are a variety of reasons that you may seek out a medium.  Here are my top five reasons to book a mediumship session.

  1. You’ve never had a mediumship session.  Maybe you are skeptical about mediumship.  If you have never experienced a mediumship session you may be nervous or fearful.  A reputable Medium will be able to reassure you that you are safe.  There is still some misinformation and mystery surrounding mediumship. Your session will help you to sort it all out.  The messages you receive from your loved ones in spirit will undoubtedly be uplifting and comforting.
  2. You want reassurance about your loved one.  When a loved one transitions to spirit, it is only natural to wonder where they are, and if they are “ok”.  A qualified medium can and will deliver messages from spirit which serve to reassure you that your loved one continues to exist.  A mediumship session can assist you with closure following the death of a loved one.  A reading can verify that your loved one, although in spirit form, is indeed “ok”, and that they remain with you as you live your life.  These messages are usually very healing and meaningful.
  3. You seek validation of “signs” you have received.   Perhaps you have had a dream or glimpsed your loved one from the “corner of your eye”.  You may have heard a loved one’s voice, or smelled the scent of their cologne.  For the most part, people tend to doubt the signs and messages they receive directly.  I know, without any doubt,  that spirit will visit and communicate with their loved ones here.  A medium can, by bringing through messages, validate the signs you have received.  Read my blog post titled Signs from Spirit to learn more about the signs that loved ones in spirit use to let us know they are around.
  4. You have “unfinished business” with your loved one.  Another common reason  to seek communication with loved ones is when you feel that something was left unsaid in some way.  Often, this occurs when you were not present for the passing of the loved one, the loved one passed tragically, or when you were not on the best of terms at the time.  In most cases, spirit will come through with messages of love and reassurance.   They do not wish for you to continue to carry any negative emotions surrounding these circumstances.  This communication with spirit is very cleansing and healing.
  5. You want the “blessing” of your loved one to move forward.  You may be at the point in the grieving process where you are ready to move forward in your life.  Sometimes this means being open to a new relationship, or having a child, perhaps you want to sell your childhood home.  You may feel held back by worry or guilt associated with your loved one in spirit.  Communication with your loved one enables you to receive the information you need to allow yourself to move forward. Our loved ones in spirit want us to live happy and fulfilled lives.  They truly want the highest and best for us. Often these messages are encouraging and inspirational.

person sky silhouette night

It is important that you are at ease with and trust the Medium that you choose.  There are unscrupulous practitioners out there that reflect badly on those of us who work honestly and with integrity.  I suggest you do your research, if possible look at testimonials and ask friends for referrals.  If your friends or acquaintances have had a positive experience with a particular Medium that is a good place to start.  Mediumship can be done in person or at distance equally effectively.  The Medium will act as a conduit between yourself and your loved ones in spirit to enable communication.  I suggest you enter your session with an open mind and heart.

I believe that we should all strive to live as authentically and fully as possible.  We are all connected, yet still unique, we each have our own individual  light to share with the world.



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